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David Paynter
What's your favorite bike, EVER?

When I was 14, I purchased a Mercier 10-speed road bike for $350. It gave me the freedom to go wherever I wanted without parents, or a car. It was independence. Mount Evans, Evergreen, Breckenridge, and even Vail were all places to go before I could drive. I bought it in 1972-it's 50 years old now, and I still ride it.

Favorite beer?

Hands down...Epic Day by Eddyline Brewery.

Favorite travel destination?

Moab has provided adventure and great memories.

What's your favorite part about working with bicycles?

Bicycles are an extension of the person riding them. Without a rider a bike can’t do anything, but when a person gets on it, it comes to life. Bikes add to our physical abilities and connect with our emotions. It’s fun to be a part of that.